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The Power of Mobile Commerce

Studies predict that mobile will become consumers' preferred channel for online shopping within the next years.
Augment your Business with Commerce Appy, a Mobile-first Commerce solution that lets you put your store in in the hands of your consumers.

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Your own Native App

With Commerce Appy you can have your own Native Commerce App allowing you to connect with consumers in their smartphones, anywhere and anytime. The convenience of Mobile, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Notifications are among the functionalities that will enable you to know more about your consumers and drive higher engagement and retention.

Ready To Market

Commerce appy time to value is very short. Your Mobile Store app could be setup in days instead of months. We can handle hosting and you focus on growing your business. Commerce Appy backend is hosted in Amazon Secure Cloud, but we can also provide the solution to be hosted in your internal system. Our experts will work with you until our app works for you.

Omnichannel Enabled

Commerce Appy is built using modern architecture. It can be easily integrated to your online existing Store via APIs and plugins. Either you use Magento, Prestashop or other Commerce solutions, Commerce Appy can be plugged to your existing system so you can offer to your customers an Omnichannel experience.


Commerce appy

Your short path to Value


Catalogue Management

List and Manage your products easily. You can group your products by brand, category or style. And, if the pre-defined classification is not enough, you can simply use the Vendor Console to create your own classifications as per your convenience.


Artificial Intelligence

Using Machine learning, Commerce Appy allows you to offer your customers highly relevant recommendations based on their preferences and usage behavior. The Customer experience can see a positive effect which ends up in better retention and higher customer satisfaction.


Smart Notifications

Notifications are a unique communication channel that allows you to send messages to customers. You can either push generic notifications based on users location and interests, or let the system automatically notify them based on their search history.


Data Analytics

Data is key to making informed decisions, especially in the context of online commerce. The Commerce Appy dashboard provides a great top level view of your online Store. The key metrics that you have access to at a glance are Product page views, likes, top products, users locations and interests.


Smart Searching

In addition to advanced text search, visual and voice search technology from Google is incorporated in Commerce Appy. Commerce Appy powers image search enabling users take photo or upload an image of interest and receive all the products visually similar within your inventory.


Live Chat

Commerce Appy includes a Live chat functionality allowing your sales persons to chat in real-time with customers who are interested in your products. Real time chatting with a sales representative not only builds customers‘ confidence during their shopping experience, but also helps to improve your conversion rates.

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